Catalogues and Databases

Online catalogue is specialized bibliographic database oriented to medicine, healthcare and related scientific fields.
It is possible to find following types of documents:
  • books, school books, special documents
    • school books, scripts – since 1981
    • books, atlases, handbooks and other monographs – since 1985
    • special documents (abroad theses) – since 1990
    • older documents according to choice (live fund)
  • all periodicals (newspapers, magazines) issued and incoming to library since 1996
  • all electronic (CD, DVD) since 1989 and audiovisual (VHS, cassettes) documents issued since 1986
  • Bibliographia medica Slovaca (BMS) – national specialized article bibliography from Slovak professional biomedical periodicals completed with Slovak authors articles published in Czech professional periodicals incoming to library since 1996.
  • CiBaMed specialized quotation medical database of bibliographic records with comments, provide information about the Slovak authors quotations amount in Slovak and Czech literature accessible and archived within SlLK, online accessible since 2006.


Slovak Medical Library in Bratislava offers access to many electronic information resources providing authorized medical and healthcare information, as well as the information about confirmed results and procedures in health care provision (e.g. Evidence Based Medicine).

Some of the resources are created in house (e.g. BMS, CiBaMed), some are free accessible or there is national license available in Slovakia (e.g. EBSCO, SpringerLink), or there is prepaid access for library, e.g. ScienceDirect, Wiley, EZB, OvidSP.