About Library

Slovak Medical Library Activities

  • Act as national center for medical and health information provision within Health National Health Information Center
  • Participate on assuring the flexible information basis and on providing professional information and education services within the projects of electronic Healthcare implementation - eHealth
  • Is coordinative, methodical, educational, consulting and statistical workplace of librarian system within healthcare branch
  • Build, keep and save contextually most complex collection of national documents oriented to medical sciences, healthcare and related scientific areas. Conservation function of library assures continuity of medicine historical evolution in Slovakia.
  • Provide classical and electronic librarian – information services
  • Serve as the Deposit Library and Documentation center of World Health Organization
  • Build Slovak release of thesaurus MeSH-SK
  • Create bibliographic databases:
    • Basis of the fund documents SlLK Catalogue
    • Article basis Bibliographia medica Slovaca (BMS)
    • Quotation basis CibaMed
  • Participate on librarian – information employees education in the field of its scope and on information education for users
  • Support lifelong education for doctors and health workers